jewellery master model maker

Understand the Complete Master Model Making Process

Here we describe all these steps that are following at a time of jewellery master model making.

Once we complete 3D Jewelry Design wax is printing, we start working on casting in silver & alloy. But before it, jewellery master model is cleaned & finished up. This is done by passing through rigorous quality control tests & revisions. We take utmost care of fitting in master models. The precision in master model is very important so full attention is given for overall thickness and look of the master model.

We check the placement, fitting and complete look of the stones on the Jewelry Master Model. After mounting process, we do check the thickness of the jewellery, as the Jewellery Master Model cannot be too thick and heavy, or too thin after the molding process because it can spoil the overall structure of jewellery. Hence, if such type of issue occurs and our testing criteria are not met, we correct the issue by redesigning and recasting.

After accurate cleaning process, next step is to cleanup silver & alloy Jewellery Master Model. If there are imperfections due to 3D printers, our skilled craftsmen now meticulously buff out each of these imperfections by hand. This is of highest importance to us, to check every aspect in detail, allows our manufacturers to quickly produce the highest quality mountings in either gold or silver. Our Manufacturer avoids the loss of highly valuable gold & silver due to our micro attention, while filing and polishing rings and pendants.

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