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We can supply exclusive designs on request: On Our Designs – Request an alteration to your specifications on an exclusive basis. If ordered, we will not offer the design in our product line.
On Your Designs – We can deliver exclusivity if requested when processing your designs either in form of CAD Files, prototype,Models, Moulds
In case the client requires amendments and/or alterations to the design, a separate quote will be issued by vr3djewelry to the client. Upon acceptance by client of such quote, we will make the requested amendments and/or alterations in a timely manner.


Stereolithography (.stl) files are produced by 3D CAD (computer aided drawing) programs, and are used by rapid prototyping, wax plotting and milling machines to make physical models of the 3D image. Our 3D jewelry model files in .stl format are error-free and ready for manufacturing. These files can go straight into production on these machines.
Many applications are capable of opening stereolithography files – most major CAD drawing programs, such as Rhino 3D are capable of previewing such files. If you don’t have one of these programs installed in your computer.
These STL files are used in prototyping or milling-machines that craft hard-copy wax models for direct precious metal casting, or for the making of master models or production of silicone molds for volume castings. In case you do not have access to hard-copy model production from STL files, we will be pleased to help you with wax model.(terms and condition applied).
We use JEWELCAD and Rhino.
Yes you can. Please submit your designs to us at info@vr3djewelry.com with specific details
When ordering a custom design from us, it is understood that the design will be prepared in accordance to the specifications outlined in the Request for Quote, filled in by the client and the order acceptance by us. We warrant the design to be free from defects in design workmanship. Should any part of the design not be in accordance to the details as per the Request for Quote, we will adjust the design at no cost to the client.


We provide rubber molds using Castaldo rubber or silicon. We will use Castaldo Gold by default – please tell us if you want Castaldo Silicon.
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